A creative retreat

“I’d love some time for myself.” “I want to do something creative and try something new related to art and travel!” If you have these thoughts, we share similar interests. Perhaps you also realize that it’s is often easier said than done. You may feel that your inner creative fire is slowly dying but your desire to feel passionate again is there. This is why I’ve created ‘Drawing away’ for curious and creative souls. I invite you to join this carefully crafted retreat in gorgeous San Sebastián in the north of Spain.


Forget your everyday life and worries for five days. Let me help you to find all the time and space you need to draw, write and relax. Let your ‘inner artista’ get inspired by a new and delightful environment. I’ll guide you through my creative art workshops and you’ll join a group of like-minded travel companions. (Re)Discover yourself, relax and find your motivation!

Spain, the Basque Country

San Sebastián is a beautiful coastal city surrounded by mountains that’ll help you get into a creative groove. It’s a very special place for me because I lived there for five years, it’s my home away from home. I’d love to show you the best way to experience this beautiful city. I’ll show you secret spots, the cool corners, a new culture and the unique way of life this place has. Let me show you how the ocean and this city triggered my creativity. We’ll become ‘locals’ and together we’ll start your fire again!

Quality time 

We’ll stay in a beautiful historical villa located near the city center. It has stunning ocean views, and you’ll wake up to the sound of waves. The villa accommodates 10 people. On this trip you have the opportunity to connect with your inner creative self and you also have the chance to meet warm-hearted and creative souls who share this journey with you. Of course you can join this retreat with a travel partner of your choice (a friend or your mom for example). Quality time for two doubles the joy!

A unique experience

This creative retreat is an amazing gift to yourself! It’s a great way to discover a new city, immerse yourself in a new culture, ignite your creativity and desire to follow your passion. This retreat is a chance to relax, to spark your joy and to connect with others like you. Drawing away deserves a place in your life. You’re worth it!  

You’ll leave San Sebastián:

Feeling stronger, recharged and empowered.

Feeling supported by your new friends.

With an inspired heART.

With a clear and calm mind.

With creative tools to make improvements in your day to day life.

With a life changing fun experience!

Drawing away in short:

When: April 4-8, 2019 in San Sebastián, Spain. You’ll need to organize your own trip to San Sebastián. You can choose to arrive before or leave a day later if you’d prefer that.

What you get from me:

Four nights in the villa ‘Far Out Inn’, with delicious local and healthy breakfast included.

Three creative workshops and three heartwarming group sessions.

A ‘Pintxo’ tour with a local guide (with a value of €105 per person) and a closing dinner in a nice restaurant.

A drawing kit with a journal, drawing pens and a set of watercolors.

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