A heartwarming 1-on-1 mentor session with Laurien 

Mentoring Laurien Baart

Bring yourself back to the place where you want to be. The place in the landscape where you live your most beautiful life. In love, with ease and joy. Connected with yourself, your child, your (future) business and the world around you.

During a 1-on-1 mentor session with Laurien you’ll travel to your landscape. We use ‘the landscape of birth’ as a powerful metaphor to find the place where you most want to be and what it is that you need for yourself, your child, your project or company.

In this heartwarming session you’ll receive my support to discover and shape your landscape. The insights and practices that you’ll get during the session help you directly in strengthening and clearing the relationships with yourself, your child, your project or company. 

It’s time. Time to live your life in harmony with your heart and soul.

A 1-on-1 mentor session with Laurien is a powerful online 1-hour mentoring session. You go on a ‘journey’ in your landscape. We’ll use ‘the landscape of birth’ as a powerful metaphor. During this session you make space for new stories and you also get the opportunity to let go what doesn’t work for you any longer.

I’ll continuously support you during the time we’re working together. Before and after the mentor session, you receive my support for you questions and plans.

My intention is to provide you with a personalized approach to strengthen your relationship with your heart and soul, your child, your project or business. 

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Laurien Baart Laurien Baart

Find your way!

You’re trying to find what’s best for you but you feel lost. You don’t know where to start and think it’s too late. You feel tired. You long to give life and form to your beautiful ideas, that you can imagine so clearly, with ease and joy. How?

You don’t have to do this on your own.

Give yourself warm and powerful support to ‘surf’ on the waves of ‘your ocean of change’. From my experience as a mother, illustrator, pedagogue and entrepreneur I know how much peace, space and joy this support provides you.

Mentor Laurien Baart

Come and adventure with me!

By drawing and writing stories about ‘magical motherhood’ and all the feelings I shaped ‘the landscape of birth’. Consciously creating before, while and after my two pregnancies nourished me deeply to become the woman, mother and entrepreneur that I want to be: Powerful, gentle, creative, playful, conscious and warm hearted. This transformation brought more peace, trust, harmony and joy to our family and my company. Home became a warm and nice place where miracles unfold. 

You receive my support in finding more peace and harmony in your life, your landscape, so that you’ll create more space to make conscious and constructive choices for your life, your child, project or company. 

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How it works:

We’ll start planning our ‘trip’ once I received your payment. Before the first session, I’ll prepare a set of questions that are meant to inspire and challenge you. Your answers provide the basis for our session, and together we dive into ‘your ocean of change’

Our session takes place on zoom and you’ll receive a recording of the session afterwards.

According to your location and time zone we set up a meeting that works for you. I speak English and Spanish fluently.

After the first session, you’ll receive my continuous individual support. You’ll have all the space you need to write to me with your marketing and/or project plans, ideas and questions.

If you’d first like to know if this process can be helpful, you can of course write to me with all your questions.

I look forward to catching waves with you!

All my love, 

Laurien Baart

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